FAQ | Belly Babies

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the health professionals who provide the content of the course?

Our health care professionals are all specialists in their fields. Please refer to our experts page.

Do I qualify for any rewards if I do the course?

- Discovery health members will get 2000 vitality points.

Can I do the course if I am residing outside South Africa?

Anyone can subscribe to our course through a cash basis. Whilst our content is contextualised for health care in South Africa, our material is relevant for all expecting parents.

Is there a platform where I can ask a question?

- With your BellyBabies subscription you get access to 1 free zoom class with a midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. This is a great platform for you to ask any questions you may have that are not covered in the course. Look out for the email inviting you to the zoom class after you register.

How much data will I use to complete the course?

- This depends on how many videos you may watch and the quality you choose to stream at. A typical 5 min video at standard quality uses approximately 8 mb of data.

How long will it take to complete the course?

- There are approximately 30 short videos in the core course, ranging from between 3min and 10min each.
- The complete resource has more than 50 videos and related fact-sheets as well as interactive discussions for each video.

How is our course delivered?

Our resource is made up of a series of short videos. These comprise of a core component and extensive video databank.
- There are accompanying fact-sheets on each topic.

What does it cost? How does payment work?

There is a once-off subscription cost which you pay for upfront for an 18-month subscription.
- If you are private, the subscription will be R600.
- Many leading medical schemes are now funding BellyBabies from a members maternity benefits. You can check our drop down menu when signing up to see if you qualify. If you do qualify, once registered BellyBabies will submit a claim directly to your scheme on your behalf.
- Other schemes will also covered BellyBabies from your available savings/health saver. If this applies, you will be directed to a cash payment and then be emailed an invoice for you to submit to your medical aid for reimbursement.

How long is my subscription valid?

Your subscription is valid for 18 months. We encourage you to take full advantage of our resources whenever you most need it. Remember that you can watch and rewatch the videos as many times as you want.

Why should I sign-up for an antenatal course online?

- Belly Babies offers you the convenience of doing an antenatal course on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.
- Our material is accessible for 18 months which allows you to get advice from leading professionals at the time you need it.
- Our course is significantly more affordable than current face-to-face antenatal courses and we have covered may more topics that are typically covered in the traditional face-to-face courses.